Fashion is always a culture – economically, politically, and otherwise. At any moment in time, what’s in fashion speaks to overarching societal trends.

For many, the pandemic heightened the shopper’s sense of appreciation for basic clothing and wardrobe essentials that put utility and comfort above all. Sporting hyper fashion-forward accessories or shopping the latest ‘It’ bag seemed somewhat out of sync with the state of the world.

Now, it’s time to reconsider reserves and make the backbone of personal style, which is called the basic wardrobe.

Often, women confuse a basic wardrobe with a classic style. In fact, these are two completely different concepts that complement each other, but do not interchange. Therefore, your wardrobe can be performed in absolutely any style: retro, glamor, boho-chic, sports, business, etc. And by the way, every woman certainly has the first items of the basic set – these are the things that she wears daily. It reflects the lifestyle, the field of activity and position in society. These have become the strongest foundation of everyday life. While creating the basic wardrobe remember to take into account the scope of activity. Despite the fact that the basic items are chosen in a neutral colour scheme, you do not need to cross out multi coloured clothing. If you are a supporter of bright looks and wear them every day, then you can use it as your base.


Basic summer wardrobe basics

Summertime is not only warm and hot at times. This period is the main season for vacations, wedding ceremonies and birthdays. Therefore, a key summer outfit should include items appropriate for all of the above events.

Here’s a quick list of what goes into the sultry season’s staple closet:

  • A casual sundress made of natural fabric. A summer dress for work
    • A dress for a holiday
    • A strappy top
    • A short and long sleeve shirt
    • A skirt
    • A jacket
    • Slim pants
    • A cardigan


Basic autumn wardrobe
Warm autumn is no longer summer, so we should definitely start wearing warmer clothes. The season pleases with a comfortable temperature and as much variety of looks. To make a beautiful and harmonious wardrobe, you can select things not only in neutral shades. Be sure to complete the autumn wardrobe with mustard, orange, dim blue and green shades as it will make and your sets play with stylish notes.

Here are the essential items of the golden autumn:

  • A long sleeve dress
    • A skirt
    • Warm sweater
    • Thin jumper sweater
    • Blouse
    • Jeans
    • Coat cardigan
    • Ankle boots
    • Scarf


Winter basic wardrobe

Wintertime not only pleases us with fluffy snow and European weather, but sometimes even frosts up to -20 degrees. To be on track, you need to think over your wardrobe these days. It will be enough to prepare 2-3 sets to look worthy in cold winter weather. All other things should be selected aiming at comfortable conditions, so prepare warm dress for warmer days.

Staple clothing for winter:

  • Knitted dress
    • Sweater
    • Jumper
    • Warm shirt
    • Warm tights
    • Dark tight pants
    • Warm boots
    • Jacket
    • Coat
    • Gloves

As for skirts, jeans and trousers, fashionistas usually get to wear the fall items. If these are too thin and light for you, then you can pick up a couple of models with a fleece.


Basic wardrobe for spring
The spring basis is assembled from autumn, winter and even summer outfits. It is necessary to borrow a little thing from each season. You can take shoes, skirts, trousers and even dresses from “autumn”.

From the winter wardrobe, it is worth leaving warm boots, fur coats and fleece-lined jeans for early spring. Closer to May, you need to get light shirts, dresses, shoes from the summer closet. Be sure to fill your looks with printed clothing and fresh spring hues like sky blue, light green, lilac and pink. So, it’s time to move from the theory to practice and make a quality base. First you need to understand what you have, and what would you like to add to your wardrobe. Choose all missing elements in a single colour scheme so that they could harmonize with each other. You don’t need another big bunch of incompatible outfits and feeling that something is missing. And remember that even the basic set periodically needs to be reviewed. It’s time to reconsider reserves and make the backbone of personal style, which is called the basic wardrobe.

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There are some neglected pieces in a lot of women’s wardrobes, and that is the basics. Basics are those supporting players in your wardrobe that work with absolutely everything. They give you endless outfit combinations and pair well with the unique stand-out pieces that give your wardrobe a lot of style.

When it comes down to it, basics are the secret to any mix and match, cohesive, easy wardrobe. When your wardrobe is full of nothing but basics, it can be a little dull. If your style is simple, look for pieces that go beyond basic–that add a little texture or pattern. This will keep your style from becoming too basic.

But, not having enough basics makes your wardrobe less efficient. The fewer basics you have, the more clothes you need. For example, if you have multiple pairs of black pants and one can only be worn with heels or one that has a texture that doesn’t always work with everything and another that has a high waist then, that’s less efficient than one pair of great basic black pants that can go with everything.

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